Built for bass addicts.

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Connect the sender to your headphones – done!

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Maximum performance, minimal design.

Low end gives music its power. The Basslet’s high-performance LoSound engine precisely recreates bass frequencies down to 10 Hz. Feel the thump of a kick drum or the groove of a funky bassline in high definition. There is nothing like it out there – and we're very proud of it.

  • Plug and play – no software or configuration needed
  • 6+ hours playtime
  • Totally Silent
  • Frequency response from 10 to 250 Hz
  • Small sender to connect to any device with mini jack

Music is meant to be felt – not just heard.

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The precision of the bass frequencies is astonishing.


It really does add an extra dimension to the listening experience.


I heard things in songs I’ve been listening to for years that I had never noticed before.


Then a funny thing happened … the sonic and the haptic sensations blended together.

Digital Trends

We have yet to see anything quite like the Basslet.


The Basslet is here to satisfy your body-rattling desires.

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Unleash the bass – anywhere you go.

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