Lofelt Composer: Designing Audio-Haptic Experiences

By Melissa Maristuen

Posted on October 21, 2019 in News

At Lofelt, we believe that well-designed haptic experiences add tremendous value to user experience. The team took a close look at the manual coding work required to implement good haptics and determined a key component is missing from the process. Developers, designers and creatives need an intuitive and code-free way to design audio-haptics that best suit their app or game and easily integrate them into existing workflows.

In short, we need a design tool that enables meaningful interactions and engages people’s sense of touch with digital devices. We are very excited to share the first milestone: the launch of Lofelt Composer for iOS.

Lofelt Composer is an intuitive tool that enables developers to utilize existing app audio and easily create outstanding audio-haptic experiences for iOS apps without having to hand edit the API calls to Core Haptics.

Composer consists of a browser-based editor and companion mobile app. The editor uniquely visualizes the haptic signal so users can intuitively design custom haptic patterns through moveable breakpoints and audition them instantly in the Composer app. With the push of a button in the visual editor, developers can then export the data needed to enable the experience in the app directly in Xcode.

The team is thrilled to share Composer with iOS developers, sound designers, and other creatives. The launch is an exciting step toward integrating natural audio-haptic experiences in people’s everyday lives and provides developers a tool to create standout audio-haptics.

Using our quick start guide, start designing haptic experiences now.

We would love feedback on how you’re using Composer and links to any apps that integrate custom audio-haptics.

Lofelt Composer for iOS

Composer App requires iOS 13 on iPhone 8 or later. Please refer to FAQ for more details.

Melissa Maristuen — Lofelt
Melissa Maristuen

Melissa is a DJ, producer, label owner and non-practicing librarian. She spent her early 20s writing about music and culture and is happy to be back at it.