What is haptic technology? 

Haptic technology uses motion and vibration to create different sensations which are detected by our sense of touch. It provides a natural way to interact with digital devices and user interfaces.

At Lofelt, we created the world’s most advanced high-definition haptic engine – the LoSound engine – to provide a new and unique experience of sound and music.

The first ever product to be equipped with our HD haptic engine is the Basslet, a wearable subwoofer for music listening, gaming and VR.

How does the Basslet work?

The Basslet is an innovative wearable that provides an immersive music experience through the use of a haptic technology for sound. It recreates the bass frequencies of music in high fidelity and sends them directly to your body. Sound and feeling become one experience: not only will you hear the sound – but you will also feel it, physically.

How lofelt basslet loSound engine works

The LoSound engine

The Basslet is packed with best-in-class haptic technology developed in-house from the ground up. The LoSound engine effortlessly recreates bass frequencies down to 10 Hz. It provides a bass-optimized frequency response and large dynamic range to handle low-end peaks with extreme accuracy. The high precision of the LoSound engine results in a deep music experience – making you feel like you are surrounded by sound.

The LoSound engine is the most powerful and accurate micro-actuator for HD haptic feedback on the market. It is based on an innovative voice-coil design with highly optimised magnetic flows which allows it to be extremely powerful yet remarkably compact – and silent to the outside world.

Applications for the LoSound engine go well beyond the realm of music, gaming and VR. The automotive, robotic, aerospace, entertainment and medical industries, amongst others, are turning to haptic technology to fulfill different purposes. Lofelt’s high-definition haptic technology has the potential to revolutionize several products and to bring whole new device-categories to life.

In the near future, the use of high-quality touch feedback will become widespread, like wireless connectivity or touch screen technology. Haptics will move quickly from something special to something that people expect in all their favorite devices. Lofelt’s mission is to continue providing the world’s most advanced haptic technology – giving a new dimension to everyday products and experiences.

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